Friday, April 11, 2014

A to Z Challenge Letter G Greens

Not eating all of the fruits and veggies that you should? Feeling sluggish and off balance? Want more energy to get through your day?

Help detoxify, alkalize and energize your body with every glass of Greens, now with an even better pH-balancing blend that includes an acidity-fighting combination of magnesium and potassium for even more alkalizing properties. New added probiotic support helps you better maintain that healthy balance by keeping your digestive system regular and toxins flowing out.

Greens are one of It Works' top sellers.! These are 8+ servings of fruits and veggies and 38 super foods.

They help alkalize your pH levels (cancer feeds on acidity, so this is GREAT to use every day) and help tremendously with belly bloat.  Great for kids and adults.

We have Berry or Orange flavor available. AND now you can get them "on the go," which are helpful single serve packets. Great for travel!

AND here's a NEW PRODUCT recently introduced!
Greens Chew!
The Greens Chew is taken between meals. It boosts your body’s natural defenses against free radical damage, Supports healthy nutrition and digestion with prebiotic dietary fiber, Contains the antioxidant strength of 20 cartons of blueberries (which is great for heart health) and Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Plus it tastes GREAT!

The Greens are $33 for a month's supply, the Greens on the go are $35 for 30 single serve packets, and the Greens chews are $30.
*The price is for Loyal Customers!
Could you use more energy?
Or want to feel less sluggish?
You need the greens!

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