Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hello Weekend

Hello Saturday Morning!!  I could not be more excited to see you!!  This week drug on and felt like it lasted forever, but the weekend has finally made it appearance.  Hallelujah!

My big girls spent last night with friends, and I know they are having a blast.  I think it is important for the big girls to just get away and have some fun with their friends.  As much as I want the girls to have sleepovers here and for me to be the "fun mom," I enjoy them going to their friends houses.  I know that we all need time away from each other even if it is just for the night.  Maddi and Ella play great together (most of the time), but it is good for them to each have separate friends at separate houses, so they get time away from each other also. 

Not much is on the agenda this weekend.  Maybe some organizing, laundry, dusting, or hopefully just a lot of play time.  Texas weather is so beyond wacky that today are supposed to be up in the 80s but tomorrow we will be in the 20s, so I guess we need to play outside while we can.

I hope everyone has a great day!!

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