Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Madness

Brrr!!  It is a cold one here today, 12 degrees!  March has officially become the crazy weather month.  Saturday, the kids were running around in shorts playing outside all day because it was in the 80s.  Overnight Sunday, it dropped roughly 70 degrees.  Seriously Mother Nature?  Make up your mind.  This time last year, we went from 90 to snow!

It was a rough start to the morning today.  Maddi woke up with a sore throat and Ella with a tummy ache.  Neither one was severe enough to stay home from school.  I am hoping I don't get a call halfway through the day.

Monday's are always crazy in our house.  Getting up, lunches ready, and to school on time always seems harder on Monday.

In my house, this Monday also means getting the house back in order.  The laundry has piled up, the kitchen and bathrooms need a good cleaning, the living room needs straightening up, and I should probably shower.  Basically I did nothing this weekend.

How do Monday's go in your house?

What do you need to catch up on?

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